Martina McBride to release new album on own label


Well I guess we finally have an answer to whether Martina McBride has parted ways with her record label … she's went and started her own label. 

Back starting in February, readers had started asking me if Martina had parted ways with Republic Nashville. Heck, I didn't know. I dug around and found no answer and so went about my business. Then in August the questions began again when Martina disappeared from Republic's artist roster. I emailed a few people but nobody tells me nothin' so I went about my business again.

Well, now we have our answer … Martina's went and started her own label and will be releasing her first album, "Everlasting," March 14. 

Okay, truth be told I'm not actually sure Martina's no longer with Republic since she was still talking about the label as soon as last September, so maybe this new label is just a side project for the singer. 

Either way, good for her. 

"Everlasting" is an album of cover songs spanning 1955 to 2010. This is the second album of covers that Martina has released in her career. 

“These songs have beautiful melodies and emotional lyrics, which is basically all you can ask for as a singer. While this is a bit of a departure for me song-wise, stylistically I approached these songs the way I always have which is singing with as much soul and emotion as I possibly can,” adds McBride. “I think my fans will love this record because they are some of the best songs of all time done in a very classic style. I’m so excited for them to hear it and to take this record, complete with a horn section, on the road in the spring.” 

Martina currently has a few more show dates this year before taking a break for Christmas and then hitting the road in January. You can check out her full list of tour dates on her site