Kelly Clarkson’s husband laughs about cheating rumors … Kelly not so much

Kelly and brandonPhoto: Twitter

Kelly Clarkson took time away from puking a dozen times a day to address rumors that her brand spanking new husband, Brandon, is cheating on her and has been for several months.

Recently, two separate women came forward to say that they had been having an affair with Brandon for the last several months. The first woman produced texts she said were from Brandon, which, come on, are pretty easy to fake. The second lady, however, had a more serious claim and said that she was also pregnant with Brandon's baby. Again, it's pretty easy to fake a pregnancy, at least early on, and even easier to be pregnant and claim anyone as the father, but still weird.  

Seriously, where's Maury Povich when you need him?  

Brandon and Kelly both remained quiet on the subject for a couple of days and it was actually Brandon's ex-wife, Melissa Ashworth, who surprisingly came forward (or more likely was tracked down by nosy reporters) to defend Brandon and his new bride, telling Radar Online, “This is ridiculous … this silliness. I have my two children [by Brandon] right here, who I love.”

"I adore Kelly and Brandon as a couple, so if I say anything it’s going to be positive,” she continued.

Good for her. 

However, Brandon apparently got tired of being made to look like a bad guy and took to Twitter on Wednesday to publicly laugh off the rumors after someone tweeted about low life's making up rumors.

"But it make for great reading while on the shitter:) lol," Brandon joked.

On Friday, Kelly took to her own Twitter to address the rumors. She, however, wasn't having a good laugh about it like her husband was. 

Keep hearing random rumors of me & Brandon splitting or that's he's cheating on me.Stop with all the lying please #aintnobodygottimeforthat

False rumors don't bother me & Brandon but they do affect the lives of our 12 & 7 yr old.They're kids &don't get that people can print lies.

These kinds of rumors unfortunately hit pretty much every famous person at some point in time and I'm not really sure how celebrities deal with them all the time except to just try and ignore it, but to be pregnant (and puking 12 times a day to boot) is hard enough without having to deal with this sort of crap on top of it. Hopefully Kelly can just stay strong through it all.

As for the baby-induced puking your brains out, saltines and lots and lots of whining to my husband always made me feel better.