Kellie Pickler performs exclusively for Perez Hilton because life is not fair

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has like a gazillion readers, which explains why Kellie Pickler recently visited his closet (?) to perform a couple of songs.

Here she is singing a stunning version of Someone Somewhere Tonight. You can also check her out performing Little Bit Gypsy.

Okay, I'll say it … these videos really do prove that life is just not fair. Where's the love for country blogger home visits? 

Hey Kellie, if you need another small space to perform in you can always come visit me! I've got closets galore. 

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    Codie Prevost Music

    I havn’t has a chance to check out the new Kellie Pickler CD. I liked this performance. I’ll have to have a listen to her new album.

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