John Rich’s lawyer foe, Chris Sevier, sues A&E and President Obama

Chris sevierChris Sevier mugshot from June

This guy is seriously the gift that keeps on giving … and giving … and giving … and giving.

Sue happy former attorney and resident John Rich stalker/hater/foe, Chris Sevier, is back and as wacky as ever. 

Just how we love him! 

As you may remember, Chris is the dude John Rich has accused of harrassing him and who was arrested back in September for allegedly stalking a Nashville teen. Well Sevier is back, but this time he's going after someone other than the Big & Rich singer. 

According to TMZ, Sevier has filed (or is planning to file) a lawsuit against A&E over Phil from Duck Dynasty's suspension. The lawsuit states that as a member of Robertson's church the network is cramping his style by not allowing him to freely hate on gays.

Or something like that.  

According to TMZ, the lawsuit contains 91 pages of legal mumbo jumbo as well as all kinds of religious propaganda including scripture references regarding the evils of homosexuality.  

Also being sued by Sevier over Phil's suspension is President Obama who Sevier apparently thinks is in cahoots with A&E.

There's no word on how Chris made his way from Nashville to a church in West Monroe, Louisiana where Wikipedia says Robertson is a member, but I'm sure they're extra happy to have him. 

John Rich, I'm sure, is hoping they keep him.