Parmalee says that Jason Aldean and Eric Church paved the way for them in country


Parmalee is giving props to Jason Aldean and Eric Church for their current success. They told me that before Aldean and Church broke through, they didn't have a home in a specific format. We also talked about their future investment in search results on the interwebs.

I've heard their next single will be "Day Drinkin'", which would be interesting because Little Big Town just announced that the first single from their forthcoming album will also be titled "Day Drinkin'". They're not the same song, but how confusing would that be for radio listeners?

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    Thanks for posting the Parmalee interview. Their song Day Drinkin should do well at radio. I love their album.
    Would love to work with them one day.
    Congrats on the number one with Carolina.

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