Garth Brooks talks Twitter, iTunes, and his upcoming tour with Broadway


Gab radio buddy and frequent contributor, Broadway, recently had the chance to mark an item off his bucket list when he interviewed the one and only Garth Brooks recently. 

Brooks is hitting the interview trail hard to promote his boxed set, Blame It All on My Roots: Five Decades of Influences (which just went to #1 BTW) and his upcoming 2014 tour. Broadway decided to ask the one question that's been on everyone's mind since the announcement that he was going on tour … will his wife, and down-home cooking extraordinaire, Trisha Yearwood, be doing the catering? 

"No, that gal is going to get to relax for a little bit," he said laughing. "She's got her own tour starting here the first of the year so she's going to go out on tour. I'm going to start drinking heavily when she goes out and then I can't wait 'til we both go out together. I'm excited!"

As for iTunes, Garth, who has notoriously been a hold-out on adding his music to the music site, says that he's not boycotting the nice guys over at iTunes, he's just looking out for the songwriters. 

Twitter? He says when George Strait starts tweeting about going to the bathroom, that's when he'll join the social media site. 

Okay, he didn't say it quite that way, but you can listen to that question and the rest of his interview with Broaday over on Country 92.5