Dwight Yoakam’s plane makes emergency landing after catching fire

Dwight Yoakam TMZPhoto: TMZ 

Wow! It sounds like Dwight Yoakam has an extra special something to be thankful for this Christmas … like the fact that he didn't die in a fiery plane crash. 

TMZ is reporting that while on the way from a private concert in Canada recently, the plane that Dwight was on caught fire while in the air. 

Okay, it didn’t actually catch fire, but there was a lot of smoke and the pilot thought it was on fire, which was probably just as scary as if it had actually burst into flames. 

The pilot called in a mayday and landed safely at Van Nuys Airport in California. All nine passengers on board the twin-engine Hawker 800 jet were safe, but firefighters had cleared the runways and were on the scene just in case. 

Yikes. Can you imagine? 

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    Codie Prevost Music

    I can’t imagine how scary that was for everyone on board. Glad that everything worked out and everyone is fine.

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