Cowboy Troy’s ‘King of Clubs’ is set to be my new gym jam

Cowboy troy king of clubs
Original hick hopper (and father of cute-as-heck triplets), Cowboy Troy, is set to release a brand new album, King Of Clubs, on March 11, 2014.

On Sunday morning, I sat and listened to all eight songs on the John-Rich-produced album and decided that once it's released and I can download all the songs, it will officially be added to my mp3 player and become part of my gym jam. 

It's not an album I'd probably listen to in my car or wherever else I might listen to CDs on a normal day-to-day basis, but it's definitely got the beat I like when I'm trying to keep going on the elliptical. 

Despite the album not being available until March, the lead track from the album, Drink Drank Drunk, featuring Big & Rich and Big Smo, is available at all digital retailers now.  You can also preorder the album on Amazon now.

If you like the thump, thump, thump of rap for dancing, the gym, cleaning, driving, or whatever, but want it toned down and infused with a bit of country twang, then King of Clubs might just be for you.

King Of Clubs Track Listing:

1. Drink Drank Drunk (feat. Big & Rich and Big Smo)

2. Club Criminal (feat. Bubba Sparxxx and Sinister)

3. Giddy Up (feat. Sinister)

4. Rope It Off

5. Daisy Dukes And Cowboy Boots (feat. Big & Rich)

6. Mack Truck (Hick-Hop Version) (feat. Moonshine Bandits, D. Thrash of Jawga Boyz, and John Rich)

7. Buzzed Up (feat. Goodnight Fellows)

8. Is Everybody Doing OK (with Mickie James and “The Cowboy” James Storm)


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    I have been looking forward to this album for a long time. While I recognize that it is targeted to be for club-listening that I am not really a part of, I believe that it will make a great addition to my Cowboy Troy collection.

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