Check out this funny and sadly accurate country year-in-review video

If you're one of those who thinks that country music has gone straight down the crapper then this Year-in-Review video that Farce the Music featured this morning is for you. 

The video was put together by Entertainment Weekly writer Grady Smith who says in the video's description: 

I was inspired to make this supercut after posting my 10 Best Country Albums of 2013 list for EW. A few commenters told me that my choices weren't mainstream enough, and I thought, "Well, yeah, because so much of what's on the radio these days sounds exactly the same!" So I decided to make a video to prove my point. 

I hope country fans will stop settling for this derivative junk. I love a dumb party song every once in a while (including some of these!), but when they're the only flavor available, they get old very, very fast. Here's to better music in 2014.

Here are my Top 10 Country Albums of 2013:…

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I'm not personally one of those who is totally angry at all the generic fluff currently on the radio, but when you put together a video like this I can definitely see how so many other people are totally disgusted. 


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    I love country music and this review was good. I agree with you generic fluff on radio does not look entertaining.

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