Check out Jamie Lynn Spears performing a new song called “Ms. Mississippi”

I was pleasantly surprised by Jamie Lynn Spears' debut country song, How Could I Want More?, but to be honest I thought at the time it might have been a fluke. 

Well after watching this new video of Britney's baby sister singing a song called Ms. Mississippi that notion of a fluke is, while not squashed, definitely diminished.  

This song is country and bluesy and has a nice beat. It's sultry in a Disney princess gone bad sort of way. 

While Jamie Lynn does throw in a bunch of country song cliches and a wee bit of her big sis' Oops! … I Did It Again at one point, it doesn't take away from how much I enjoyed this song. I'm really looking forward to hearing more. 

On a side note, if you missed the official video for How Could I Want More? you can check it out here.

Oh, and I still haven't heard when we might expect a full album from Jamie Lynn, but I'll keep you updated. 


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