Blake Shelton ‘The Voice’ team member part of strange extortion plot


You can't make this stuff up, people. 

Bearded wonder and Blake Shelton "The Voice" team member, Cole Vosbury, recently found himself at the center of a strange extortion plot by a businessman he'd never even met who was threatening to reveal the singer's deep, dark secrets.  

It all apparently started several months ago before Cole left home for The Voice. According to reports, Texarkana businessman Harold Glen Martin called Shreveport Music looking for a guitarist to perform at a benefit concert he said he was organizing. The record store owner recommended Cole Vosbury to Martin.

Plans were made, but nothing was ever finalized and Cole headed off to try his hand at fame and fortune on The Voice. 

Police say that Cole and Martin never met face-to-face and it's not even clear if Martin was actually planning a concert, but that didn't stop the man from trying to extort Cole and his father over Cole's failure to follow through with his desired plans. 

Police say Martin “decided to basically extort them by saying that he was going to put out negative stuff in the media and affect his chances on The Voice" unless Cole did his bidding. 

Police say that the threats got worse as Cole advanced on The Voice. 

“They’ve been harassed by this man and tormented by him, basically,” Detective Bobby Herring of the Caddo Sheriff’s Department says. He goes on to say that Martin's claims are completely without merit and that he's just a shady character.  

Martin ended up being arrested for his actions and was charged with extortion. 

Cole has continued to impress fans and is now in the top 5 on the show. The Voice finale will air on Tuesday, December 17. 



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