Billy Ray Cyrus and family start new YouTube channel

Just in case you're tired of all that twerking Miley's been doing lately and prefer your Cyrus family a little more tame, the rest of the clan has launched a new YouTube channel called Seriously Cyrus.

The Seriously Cyrus channel will feature several different weekly shows from each of the members of the family (who aren't named Miley). There's mom Tish's show, 'Truly Tish'; 'Sunday Sessions' from Billy Ray; 'Take Two' from youngest daughter Noah; and 'Seriously Social' from oldest daughter Brandi. 

So how long until you suppose the family has an actual reality show all their own on T.V.? All I can say is I'm glad they didn't go all Kardashian and call the new channel Ceriously Cyrus. 

Right now there doesn't appear to be a show on the channel from the sons of the family – rocker Trace (although he's in the preview above) and Braison - and Miley's a no-show, but I'm pretty sure they'll all get roped into appearing at some point along the way.  

You can subscribe to the Cyrus Clan's new YouTube channel here and their Facebook here