Wynonna Judd admits to placing tracking device on car

Jud0-009aPhoto courtesy Naomi Judd biography

So did you happen to hear the odd story last month about a tracking device being found on a car tied somehow to the Judd family?

Yeah, well things just took a turn for the weird.

The story at the time was that there was a teen who was afraid that there was a vehicle tracking device on the car they were driving and took it to a muffler shop in Franklin, Tennessee. The shop confirmed that there was indeed a tracking device and the police were contacted. That’s when it was found that the car belonged to someone in the Judd family.

There was no word at the time how the teen was connected to the Judds, but the car was found to belong to Ashley Judd. Police then began to investigate who would place a tracking device on the car.

“There is something called unconsensual contact, and that can be an element of stalking, which is a crime, and it can be an element of harassment, which is a crime,” said defense attorney and former prosecutor Jim Todd. “However, those crimes require other elements – that the victim be placed in fear.”

At the time, the police weren’t sure if it would end up being a civil manner or had actually risen to a criminal level.

“It points a big red flag, and if law enforcement can determine who placed it on there, where it is registered, it could be enough to get a search warrant for their house and find out just what sort of information they have or what they’ve been doing,” Todd said.

Now, however, the case has taken a turn for the bizarre (as if having a tracking device placed on your car wasn’t bizarre enough), and Ashley has now pointed the finger squarely at her sister, Wynonna.

According to TMZ, the teen driving the car was Wynonna’s teen daughter. The Tennessean says that the teen’s name has been redacted from the police report but that Wynonna and Ashley are currently in a custody dispute regarding the driver.


Yeah, Wynonna and Ashley are apparently fighting for custody of Wynonna’s daughter. Bet that’s an interesting story.

According to reports, the police tracked the device found on the car back to a private detective who was under Wynonna’s employ. Police finally got in touch with Wynonna’s lawyer who said that Wynonna did have the tracking device placed on the car but only because she knew her daughter was driving the car around.

The rumor, however, is that Ashley actually thinks that Wynonna placed the device on the car because she’s selling stories about her to the tabloids, but that rumor is probably coming from a tabloid so who knows really? Wait, I guess if anyone would know it would be the tabloids, eh?

I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’re going to hear about this odd story.