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Ashlee is beautiful, talented and determined which many of us witnessed from her appearance on Nashville Star season six.  In March, 2012 she married Jesse Keith Whitley, son of the late legendary Keith Whitley. Together they have been performing all over music city and they have a fan base all of their own. Ashlee is not just an amazing singer but also a magnitude of talent when it comes to songwriting as well. She's as sweet as pie, but when that guitar hits her hand you catch a glimpse of her wild side. Ashlee Hewitt is an artist that the world should get to know.

1. At what age did you realize you wanted to pursue music?

It's actually a funny story, my mom tells me stories of when I was about two years old. I would stand on the kitchen table and sing gibberish to all of my parent's visitors into a pretend microphone. My mom said she knew that I was musically inclined because even though I didn't know what I was singing it was in tune. I started singing songs in church when my dad would fill in for different pastors around Minnesota. I got my first guitar when I was nine and it became a profession when I was about fourteen. My sisters and our band would travel around the country and play in different clubs and venues and do about 120 shows per year all the way up until I moved to Nashville when I turned 19.

2. What artists did you listen to growing up?

Loretta Lynn's song "I Was Country, When Country Wasn't Cool" really hits home for me because when all my friends were listening to rap, pop, rock and whatever was popular at the time, I was listening to old Hank Williams songs along with my favorites Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette and Ricky Scaggs non stop. We had an old vinyl record player and my dad had four records that I would sit and wear out. The Eagles, The Beach Boys, The Beatles and Heart. I have a wide variety of influences.

3. What artists do you currently listen to?

I love organic country with a bluegrass flavor. I love Allison Krauss and Patty Griffin. I listen to a lot of different genres as well. Kings Of Leon, Brandi Carlile and the new Brandy Clark album is amazing.

4. Do you have a favorite place to perform?

I love playing for crazy country music fans at big festivals. We-Fest is one of my favorite places to play. I recently had a few dreams come true when I got the opportunity to perform at the Bluebird for the first time and that was amazing. I will play there anytime they'll have me. I also have been blessed to sing backup for my mother-in-law Lorrie Morgan at the Ryman Auditorium and The Grand Ole Opry House. Until I get to perform there as a solo artist, those were my biggest highlights.

5. What does country music mean to you?

The thing I've always loved about country music is there is no rules. People sing about real life, love, heartache, hurt, happiness, depression, you name it. Brad Paisley probably says it best in his song "This Is Country Music." It talks about how in country music we get to sing about what people want to hear. To me, country music is probably the best representation of america and I sure do love my country!

6. Favorite place to shop?

Oh where to start! I love shopping! haha! As far as clothing goes I love Posh and Smack in Nashville. I could shop at Target all day long.  I love decorating too and remodeling old furniture so I'm not afraid of yard sales and finding wooden furniture on the side of the road.  I've been known to pick up a few old pieces here and there that's junk to other people. I love antique shops and home decor places like Pierre 1 and Hobby Lobby, they are dangerous for me!

7. Do you have a life motto?

"Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll land in the stars" is a good one. I'm a dreamer and I don't give up easily. There's always room for improvement in my book. So I soak up every opportunity I have to learn along the way.

8. If your life was a movie, what would the title be?

"Life Is Tuff" wait for it…wait for it…My sons name is Tuff. Ever since I had him I have a whole new purpose in life and he is my life! I never thought I'd be a mom at 25 and it's the best thing that ever happened to me. It makes me want to succeed more than ever to prove to him that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.  It's a whole different ball game trying to juggle a family and a career. It is tough but it makes it all so much more worth it!

9. Any new projects in the works for you?

I have a bunch of different projects I'm working on. I have a new solo album coming out probably mid 2014. Also a surprise in the works I'll be able to reveal come January or February.

10. What would you like the world to know about Ashlee Hewitt?

I think the songs I've been writing tell everything about me that people want to hear. If you want to get to know me, just listen to my new music when it comes out!

You can follow Ashlee via twitter @ashleehewitt.

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