Alan Jackson is overrun by Christmas cheer … opens hometown Christmas shop to get rid of some of it

StorePhoto: Times Herald/Clay Neely

Here's a thought that I bet would never have crossed your mind in a million years unless some blogger came along and put it in your head … how many Christmas decorations go into decorating five manions? 

I'm not sure how much Christmas crap it would take to decorate one mega mansion, let alone five, but apparently it's a lot more than you'd think … just ask Alan Jackson, who has come up with a novel way to unload some of his unneeded holiday decorations. 

Jackson has recently downsized from five homes (including his massive 19,000-square-foot home in Franklin, Tennessee that he sold a couple of years back) to a more manageable two and discovered that he had far too many Christmas decorations for the homes he had left. The solution? Open a Christmas shop and sell his left-overs to fans. 

Jackson recently opened a store in his hometown of Newnan, Georgia that he's filling with several tractor-trailer trucks full of Christmas decorations from his multiple homes.

Things he's selling range from $1 Christmas trinkets to a waving Santa for a more hefty $350. All the items in the store, with the exception of the memorabilia, came directly from one of Jackson's homes and much of what's for sale will specify which house it came out of. 

The shop is open for the holiday season only and once everything's gone, the store will be filled with surplus home furniture and decor, although it's not clear if this will also be from Jackson's many homes or will just be regular ol' unfamous person furniture and decor. 

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Update: The original story I quoted has clarified that it isn't Alan Jackson who is selling the items, it's his sister. 

Alan Jackson is not selling the items. They are being sold by his sister, Carol Glover, who operates Grannie Fannie’s, an antique and collectible shop across Jefferson Street from the location.

Glover said the Christmas items have been for sale for about two weeks, and many items have been sold.

Still fun to know that something you've purchased once belonged to Alan Jackson, but also good to know that you probably won't run into Alan while you're doing your Christmas shopping. 

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