Charlie Daniels releases ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ digitally

Charlie Daniels, award-winning, platinum selling music icon, is proud to announce the release of his audio reading of the historical children’s poem about a man who hears Santa Claus on his rooftop on Christmas eve.  Just in time for Christmas, Blue Hat Records in association with MRI/RED Distribution will release Daniels version of the audio reading of “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” digitally on iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital outlets on December 10, 2013. 


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‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 9 – RECAP


Juliette is annoyed at Charlie Wentworth for saying that he loved her, and she doesn’t believe him, hurt by previous lovers and aware of the Wentworth’s game. He is adamant that he is telling the truth, and to prove it he publicly announces his divorce from Olivia. Charlie convinces Juliette that he is serious and she begins to let him in, but just like Dante did in season 1, he makes Juliette feel more powerful than she is, and ruffles plenty of feathers, including Glen’s. Will says that maybe one day he’ll find someone that’ll make him the best version of himself, and Juliette considers that and decides to end it with Charlie, heading back to Nashville and reaching out to Avery. 


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