Willie Nelson postpones tour after bus accident injures band members


Yikes! A few of Willie Nelson's band members are resting today after their tour bus hit a highway overpass pillar in heavy rains Saturday morning, November 23, in East Texas. 

Luckily, Nelson was on a different bus at the time.

From Willie's website: 

Update 1: Willie Nelson’s band bus (not Willie’s bus) was in an accident overnight on icy I-30. 3 members of the family were hospitalized. Additional information will be released as we get it.

Update 2: The band’s bus (Willie was in his own bus) crashed along I-30 around 3:30 AM when it hit a bridge pillar — about 80 miles east of Dallas. We believe it is due to icy conditions on the road. No one suffered serious injuries. Paul English injured his ankle, Billy English suffered a bruised hip and crew member Tom Hawkins has a cracked rib. The other family members on the bus are sore but everyone is expected to recover fully.

The last four dates in November have been postponed and the tour resumes as scheduled in December.

Paul (photos) and Billy English (photos) are drummers in the band and, according to Nelson's website, Tom Hawkins "has been taking care of Sister Bobbie Nelson’s Pianos and tuning of all the guitars since 1979."

So glad everyone's basically ok. Looking at a picture of the mangled bus that Koke FM has, it could have been so much worse.

Nelson's next scheduled concert date is December 10 in Las Vegas.