Thomas Rhett explains the overuse of country clichés

And the debate rolls on. 

Country music critics everywhere are fuming over the current state of our format. The biggest complaint seems to be the overuse of country clichés … trucks, beer, tailgates, etc.  You know, all the shit Zac Brown mentioned in his rant that really brought the debate to the masses.

I asked Thomas Rhett (as per Windwmills suggestion) during a recent interview if he is encouraged by his "bosses" to write certain types of songs.

Thomas says that he just stays true to himself when he writes but adds, "You have to maintain your currency. You gotta write things that are definitely current to this time, and whether that's a ballad or whether that's a song about a truck, which I'm sure that's kind of what you're talking about in the cliche kind of world, it's just one of those things, man. When I get into a room I write what makes me feel good and when I cut songs I didn't write, I cut them because I can hear myself singing them and I can hear myself performing them live. That's kind of how my brain works with that whole thing. I'm not really stuck on certain cliches or whatever, I just write whatever makes me feel good."

He also dished on the chart disappointment of 'Beer With Jesus,' music video bimbos, and Luke Bryan's apology for putting Thomas' cuts on the deluxe edition of his album. 

Check out the full interview below.