The last George Jones tribute song you need to hear

There have been quite a few tribute songs hit the web since George Jones passed away. This one, however, is probably my favorite. 

The song is called Too Big To Say Goodbye. Not too sure if it's a song that's been passed around since Jones' death or not, but I came across it on my Facebook tonight and thought it was great. 

Here's the description from songwriter Marty Morgan's YouTube page: 

This incredible tribute to George Jones was written 2 days after his death. Told my cowriter I knew up and down music row they would be writing their own versions but that ours would stand the test of time. I said I don't want to use any of his song title and just want to remind people that because of who he was and what he gave his that we won't really be saying good bye, we'll just be saying see you later. That is how it came to be. We are working behind the scenes to produce this as a major vocal event with all of George's contemporaries and friends who can joining us to record it. Thanks to my cowriter for the incredible build out of this song. Special thanks to Gary Wild, Keith Duke, Jesse Keith Whitley and Ashlee Hewitt Whitley for their amazing vocal work. And my deep appreciation to my friend Mr. Buddy Hyatt who's piano performance and orchestration make this song shine George's star in heaven. Our hope was to have it included as the grand finale in George's Novermber 22nd Tribute Concert in Nashville. Doesn't appear that we will reach that goal. Guess that means God has something else in store for this song. It was a labor of love and will always have a special place in my heart. I hope it finds one in your heart as well. God's blessings, Always, Marty Morgan

Incredible. I can't find anywhere that says how to purchase the song, but if it comes up for download I will let you guys know the link. 


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    Guy Nix

    We are working on getting it on iTunes now. Will keep ya posted. Thanks for theirs words 🙂

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