Rascal Flatts bill to be voted on by Ohio legislators


Country stars tend to get a lot of honors thrown their way, but this is definitely one that not a lot of singers can say they've had. 

Republican senator Jim Hughes from Ohio introduced S.B. 233 on Monday that would designate Rascal Flatts as the official country music group of Ohio. 

Rascal flatts bill

Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, and Joe Don Rooney all come from various parts of the state.  

Funny enough, the week previous, Rep. Nick Barborak, a Democrat, introduced House Bill 330 that would make the song “Ohio” by Zachary J. Paxson the official country song of the state. 

Apparently Ohio officials love their country music. 

No word on when either bill will be voted on (or if they already have), but what an honor if they go through. 

[Photo: Wikipedia]