‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 8 – RECAP


This episode carries on where the last left off, with the aftermath of Olivia kissing Juliette. The latter backs away, angry, discovering that the couple were grooming her for a threesome. She tells Olivia to leave and gets out of the city as fast as possible, returning to Nashville to write with Avery. She tells him what happened, and he convinces her she doesn’t need to be pushed around by rich people like the Wentworths. Juliette flies to Dallas just to confront the pair and throw carefully calculated abuse at them, and it looks like they’ve been written out of the show. The shocker comes when Charlie turns up at her house to tell her he’s falling in love with her. 

Gunnar has joined the Luke Wheeler tour to write with the star (read: having Luke critique his work than take credit for it), and sleeping on Scarlett’s tour bus has thrown things into disarray. Before Rayna can fly out to Tampa (where the first show is), she is confronted by a court order to hand over the masters of her album to Jeff. She begrudgingly complies, and has unsuccessful furious arguments with him once in Florida. Jeff is also trying to screw up Scarlett’s career, making her more nervous than she already is, and due to her monitors being screwed up and not being confident enough, the crowd eat her up at her first performance, throwing stuff at her on stage. She goes to run off, but Rayna pulls her back on, telling the crowd to be nice. They stop throwing things, but aren’t overall too interested in Scarlett’s performance.

Afterwards Scarlett throws a tantrum, screaming at everyone, including Gunnar, Deacon, and even Rayna (she quickly apologizes). Rayna tells her kindly that she needs to toughen up, although Deacon’s not convinced, and he tries to persuade Rayna to take Scarlett off the tour. She refuses. That night Scarlett hears Gunnar practising a song of his (he’s been feeling downhearted from some of Luke’s comments), and joins him. Rayna, who is happily sleeping with Luke some more, overhears them outside, and the new couple watch the ex-couple, deciding that the song is a hit. They speak with Gunnar the next day, and Rayna and Luke resolve to perform the song that night. Rayna is particularly spurred on by Jeff threatening to release her album without it being ready (plus some horrendous cover art), so after a hot performance that Jeff wants to release as a single, Rayna strikes a deal to stop efforts to release the unfinished record in exchange for the single.

Meanwhile, Scarlett decides to pull herself together, and throws herself into introducing and performing that next night, seeming like a different person. She goes down really well and everyone congratulates her, but alone in her hotel room she’s wobbling and leaves a voicemail for her mom to explain that she’s not cut out for this, but she kinda has to be. Awww. Peggy’s treading on thin ice because Teddy wants to come to her next doctor’s appointment, and of course, she isn’t pregnant anymore. She then fakes her own miscarriage (very well, I might add), and Teddy is being the doting husband.

‘Nashville’ episode 9 airs next Wednesday at 10/9c on ABC. Catch my recap the week after.

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