‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 7 – RECAP


Juliette is launching her ‘Inside The Dream’ tour in Houston, TX, but there’s a few things she has to deal with there. For a start, there’s a radio DJ called Delmont who requires all the ladies to get close and intimate with him before they’ll get airplay. He’s been harping on a lot about Layla Grant on his show, and Juliette decides enough is enough, and rejects his advances, while Layla laps them up. As a result, Delmont makes sure that all the local press leave before Juliette’s set that night. Charlie Wentworth is in town for some sex on the side, and she rants to him about the horrifying realities about being a woman in this business. What she doesn’t realize is that Charlie actually owns all these radio stations, and he fires Delmont. Juliette is furious because she doesn’t want anyone to fight her battles for her, telling him to re-hire the DJ, but uses it to her advantage by explaining what has happened to Delmont himself and leaving threats hanging in the air. She also warns Layla against sleeping with these men, but Layla throws it back in her face. 

Olivia comes to see her to confront her about sleeping with her husband, but the surprise of the century comes when Olivia comes onto Juliette –cue Nashville’s first lesbian kiss!

Will is having a hard time on tour as his ex-lover (the marketing guy) has a new boyfriend, who he’s all touchy-feely with. Will is jealous but trying to (unsuccessfully) to hide it. He’s also keeping Layla at an arm’s length despite their on-camera relationship, but all this changes when he happens to be in a bar that his ex-lover and boyfriend walk into. Some homophobes come and threaten them and hurl abuse at them, and Will quietly leaves, only to beat up the offending men later on, and then have sex with Layla, reminded of the consequences of being gay in the south.

Rayna and Luke are getting ever closer, and after getting Luke to sign the contract that puts Scarlett on his tour, they spend the day together, “getting Rayna’s mind off things”. This includes shooting and then screwing. Who knew? Teddy is getting married and Peggy wants his daughters to play at the reception, but Maddie is refusing. She feels like he’s turning her back on her, particularly as he’s not her real dad. She asks to see Deacon, but Rayna doesn’t know if it’s a good idea, wanting to protect her daughter. However, when Maddie sees how happy her dad is, she spontaneously decides to perform, but later she calls her mom to pick her up and take her home. They agree to have a movie night.

Deacon wants to perform a new song he’s written, but he can’t play guitar. He’s been avoiding The Bluebird ever since the accident due to embarrassment, and he wants to perform without anyone he knows there, so he invites Avery to play guitar for him at a venue way out of town. He’s wooden in rehearsal and worried about performing without a guitar in front of him, but is furious when they get to the venue and realize it’s been turned into a comedy club. Rayna calls him and tells him Maddie wants to see him and she also wants it to happen, so Deacon ends up at The Bluebird performing his new song instead, Rayna and Maddie watching. Father and daughter talk for the first time in their new relationship.

Scarlett and Avery are sleeping together, as are Zoey and Gunnar. Jeff wants Gunnar’s song, and Gunnar sees this as an opportunity to try and get a record contract. He meets with Jeff, who decides to put him on a tour writing with an Edge Hill artist (turns out it’s Scarlett), and then give him a concert slot at the Music City Festival, in front of the top label executives in town. Gunnar agrees and hands over his song.

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