‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 6 – RECAP


Well this was an interesting episode. There’s a polo match thing going on (does this sound very Gossip Girl to you?) and it seems like everyone’s attending even though they don’t want to. Tandy convinces Rayna that she should go now that Lamar’s assets have been frozen and Rayna wants to buy out her contract, to get some business investment. She hates all these fancy people events but turns up anyway, and proves very popular. But she is having trouble securing people for investment, due to her relationship to Tandy, who everyone is suspicious of because she was CFO at her father’s company for so many years, and must have known about the terrible dealings. Tandy is defensive, as you can imagine, but still doesn’t tell Rayna what she did. 

Meanwhile Rayna is trying to create some buzz around Scarlett. She’s having trouble getting her on a big tour, but schedules a night at the Bluebird where there’ll be plenty of critics. Luke Wheeler turns up, and afterwards she privately asks him if Scarlett can come on his tour, seeing as he liked her performance. He takes the opportunity to kiss her, and for once Rayna is thrown off her guard. Luke agrees to let Scarlett on his tour, and hints that he would love to see Rayna there.

Deacon gets invited to the polo match by his lawyer girlfriend, and he initially refuses to go, but turns up anyway (these people are crazy). There it turns out he’s friends with Luke, and he also sees Rayna, but they’re cockblocked by Megan (is that the lawyer’s name? I never pay attention) before any real conversation gets going. Megan claims she’s not threatened by the pair’s history together. Yeah, right.

Juliette gets invited to the polo match, and she’s surprised but excited, only to find when she gets there that she was invited by Charlie Wentworth, and his wife is also there. Charlie continues to chase Juliette but she rejects him each time, until he convinces her that he’s just like her and not one of the high class types, pulling her down to the stables where he’s just “one of the guys”. Juliette and Charlie’s friends sing/play one of her earlier hits ‘Hypnotizing’, and she’s convinced Charlie’s a great guy. Rayna warns her off him but that only makes it worse, and witnessing an argument between Charlie and Olivia, Juliette meets with him and they agree to have sex for 6 weeks (while they organize her appearing at Teddy’s new city music festival, apparently). Unfortunately, Olivia has a key to the hotel room, and catches them in the act. Oops.

Oh, speaking of Teddy, he’s announced he’s marrying Peggy and oh-wait no-one cares. Gunnar and Avery have been recording together in Juliette’s studio, but things aren’t all A-OK for either. Gunnar is chasing Zoey who refuses to continue their affair as it’d be betraying Scarlett, while Scarlett and Avery hang out because Scarlett is nervous about playing in front of critics and she needs a friend. They end up sleeping together, and she is confused, leaving things a bit fluid with Avery, and informing Zoey of the occurrence, who then takes the opportunity to continue things with Gunnar. Scarlett blows the critics away in her performance and things look like they’re going to go crazy for her.

Episode 7 airs tonight at 10/9c on ABC. I’ll have another recap next Wednesday!

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