Nashville bar owner shoots and kills country singer


Here's a tragic story out of Nashville. 

A Nashville bar owner shot and killed an Alabama country singer early Saturday morning after a completely senseless fight. 

According to reports, Wayne Mills, 44, lead singer of The Wayne Mills Band, got into an altercation with Chris Ferrell, owner of the Pit and Barrel Bar on Second Avenue in Nashville, after Mills allegedly lit up a cigarette in the non-smoking part of the bar. That's when Ferrell allegedly shot Mills, who later died at a Nashville hospital. The two were reportedly good friends. 

Police say that Ferrell is claiming self-defense and that he did have a valid permit to carry a handgun. 

Mills had never had huge success in the mainstream, but was a fixture on the honky tonk circuit, touring off and on with Jamey Johnson over the years and had performed a show on Thursday with Shooter Jennings. 

So sad. Prayers going out to the family, friends, fans, band, and everyone else touched by this senseless tragedy. 

Wayne's manager has set up a donation page to help raise funds for funeral costs, etc. for Wayne's wife and son. You can donate here

UPDATE: Saving Country Music is reporting that the bar where Mills was shot was featured on Spike T.V.'s "Bar Rescue" with the episode set to air Sunday, November 24, one day after the shooting. The family has asked that the episode not be aired, but so far there's been no response from the network. 

UPDATE 2: I tuned into "Bar Rescue" this evening and despite the description being for the Nashville bar, the episode ended up being a re-run. I'm thinking that Spike T.V. must have decided to do the right thing and not run the episode. Good for them. 

UPDATE 3: I've been told the episode of "Bar Rescue" did air. When I tried to watch it it was a rerun but apparently others were able to tune in to the Nashville episode, so I'm not sure what exactly is up with that. Maybe some places it aired and others it didn't. Sorry if I told you wrong. 


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    Wayne Mills Funeral to be held in Arab, Alabama on 8th Dec.

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