More info on Garth Brooks’ new “Blame it All on My Roots” boxed set

Brooks Christmas[Photo: Vintage Vinyl News]

Update: Tracklisting and more info available on Garth's site now

Back a few days ago, it was announced that Garth Brooks would be releasing new music exclusively through Walmart. The details were scarce and I posted what was known at the time. Turns out some of the info was incorrect. 

New tidbits gleaned from a leaked Walmart Black Friday ad that Vintage Vinyl News got their hands on shows that some of the info I had first wrote about was wrong. 

I had originally posted that the "Blame it All on My Roots" boxed set would come out November 19. Turns out it's actually coming out November 28, just in time for Black Friday. The next day, Friday, November 29, is the day that Garth's concert special will air on CBS, so the updated date definitely makes more sense. 

The set will have eight discs in all – six music CDs and two DVDs rather than the four CDs originally reported. There will be the four CDs of Garth covering songs from artists who influenced him, two CDs of his greatest hits, and two DVDs – one with footage from Garth's Las Vegas show and the other will contain 33 of Garth's music videos.

The special Black Friday sale price for the set will be $24.96 (November 28-December 1). After that, it's not known how much everything will cost. The set will be available exclusively through Walmart, Sam's Club, and 

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