Kacey Musgraves hasn’t learned the fine art of losing yet

Kacey Musgraves sad

I think it's an art form being able to look happy while losing an award at a televised show. Kacey Musgraves, unfortunately, hasn't quite mastered that look yet. 

At last night's CMA Awards, Miranda Lambert won the Female Vocalist category, a category that Kacey Musgraves was also nominated for. The picture above was the look she had while Miranda was giving her acceptance speech. The disappointment is definitely palpable. The video is at end of this post in case you want to see the face in action. 

Don't worry Kacey, I'm pretty sure this won't be your last chance to win (or lose) an award at one of these shows. 

The rest of the winners for the evening are listed below. The most exciting moment, though, had to be when George Strait won Entertainer of the Year. I think a lot of people feel it was an honorary award more than anything since Strait is on the last tour of his career (probably), but I don't think many people have any hard feelings about that.

And for the record, all the guys who lost to King George have definitely mastered the art of looking happy for the winner. Kacey should watch and learn.

Here's the full list of winners from last night's show: 

  • Entertainer of the Year – George Strait
  • Female Vocalist of the Year - Miranda Lambert 
  • Male Vocalist of the Year – Blake Shelton
  • Vocal Group of the Year – Little Big Town 
  • Vocal Duo of the Year – Florida Georgia Line 
  • New Artist of the Year – Kacey Musgraves 
  • Album of the Year – Blake Shelton "Based on a True Story"
  • Song of the Year (Awarded to Songwriters) – Lee Brice I Drive Your Truck, writers Jessi Alexander, Jimmy Yeary, and Connie Harrington)
  • Single of the Year – Florida Georgia Line Cruise 
  • Musical Event of the Year (won before the show) - Tim McGraw (Featuring Keith Urban and Taylor Swift), Highway Don’t Care
  • Music Video of the Year (awarded before the show) – Tim McGraw (Featuring Keith Urban and Taylor Swift), Highway Don’t Care 
  • Musician of the Year – Mac McAnally 


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  1. Jkish7978@gmail.com'

    I think she was just making the face that many of us were making when Miranda was announced the winner, again, for a pretty low key year compared to some of the other nominees.

  2. lorendasue23@yahoo.com'

    I wonder if she could actually understand what was being said. I’m not jumping on the “she wasn’t a gracious loser” wagon unless there’s more information.

  3. ldold@ldl.com'

    I thought it was one of the worst moments of the show. Kacey wasn’t even gracious enough to acknowledge when Miranda was talking directly to her from the stage. Not a good reflection on Kacey at all and one that I won’t forget about.

  4. Katiuschmann@yahoo.com'
    Kati Usch

    I’m not the biggest Miranda fan, but she had a killer year. All you hear on the radio is her music. Kacey had one memorable song, she’s lucky to even be nominated for female vocalist. Learn your place Kace!

  5. hoangalicious@hotmail.com'

    Miranda was still chosen as winner despite her very low-key year (especially in comparison to Carrie Underwood, both artistically, commercially and esp vocally) “Mama’s Broken Heart” was the only song that saved her career in 2013 and it was co-written by Kacey. Therefore I think that look wasn’t about losing or winning, it’s a strong statement that it’s not fair.

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