Kacey Musgraves’ CMA Awards face finally explained


As everyone is acutely aware of (I'm sure), Kacey Musgraves didn't exactly look happy during Wednesday's CMA Awards (I originally said Sunday. Oops) when Miranda Lambert won the Female Vocalist category. 

I've been reading all the comments people are making on Facebook, Twitter, and on NashvilleGab and so far there's been no explanation, apology, excuses, or anything else coming from Kacey's Korner, which I think is fine. I'm still of the opinion that Kacey was just disappointed more than anything.

Or at least I was until today.

Now, however, it has come to my attention that what happened on Sunday may not have been sadness, anger, disappointment, snottiness, bad camera timing or just a bad day, as many have suggested (and no, for the one person who suggested it, I don't think Kacey's a stone-cold killer either) – no, there's actually a very simple explanation. 

One commenter brought it up on Facebook earlier today her experience with Kacey in the past and offered this explanation

thats just her face. i met her this summer and she looked like that at the meet and greet and has that same look in our photo. i really dont think its a big deal, do you really think she woke up that morning and thought she was going to win female vocalist??

That's when it hit me. Kacey isn't a bad person (not that I ever thought she actually was), she's just suffering from BRF (bitchy resting face), the same affliction that so many of us suffer. 

Still not convinced? Then check out the video below. 

I myself suffer from BRF and really should have recognized the symptoms. 



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    Wow…loving this and I agree..you have the ability to be able to explain so much…Thank U

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