Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are apparently having a nice little feud now

Taylor Swift
In the high school drama that is Taylor Swift's life, Justin Bieber just upped the anty in the always rolling war of words by sending Taylor a bit of stink eye in the form of a new song he recently released that's supposed to be all about her. 

At least the internet says it's about Taylor, so it has to be true. Just has to be. 

The story actually starts out a few years ago when Taylor and a much less douchy Justin were friends. I had a post about the pair clear back in 2009.


Jump ahead to the last year or so with Taylor's BFF, Selena Gomez, dating, dumping, dating, dumping, dating, and finally dumping Justin Bieber for (hopefully) good. After the two called it quits for the umpteenth time, the story went around that Taylor wasn't a fan of Justin and was a major factor in the two breaking up. 

I mean, come on, did you see the face Taylor made when Selena and Justin sucked face that one time at the Billboard Music Awards? Totally grody, dude. 

Taylor-swift-billboard-selena-bieberClick to animate the picture.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Taylor is supposed to have in some way, shape, or form been at least partially to blame for Selena and Justin's breakup or at least their staying apart this time.  

Now it seems that Justin himself may be thinking the same thing.  

Justin just released a new song called All Bad. An alert Bieber fan deciphered the lyrics and mentioned on Twitter that she (he?) thought the song was about Taylor, saying: I think Justin was shading Taylor in #AllBad

In 2013, a retweet from a celebrity is as good as a confession and so when Justin promptly retweeted the tweet, it became fact, law, truth (according to Hollywood Life anyway). 

No speculation necessary! The lyrics of Justin's newly released "All Bad" definitely seemed to be taking shots at Selena Gomez's BFF, and sure enough, he more or less confirmed that she was the target of his mean words on Twitter on Nov. 11!

Wow! Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift's dislike for another has always been simmering just beneath the surface — neither of them have ever really blatantly come out and made their true feelings known. Until Nov. 11, when Justin retweeted a fan tweet that his new song, "All Bad," was a diss track written about Taylor.

Of course, The Biebs recently cut one of his Brazilian concerts short due to "food poisoning" so maybe he was just delirious when he retweeted. 

In case you're curious, here's Justin's apparent diss track, All Bad. You can read the lyrics here. So far there's been no diss song retaliation from Taylor, but she does have a new album that she's working on so there's always hope for the future. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go scrub my brain with vodka (or porkchops, whichever I can get to first).