Is this blind item about Kellie Pickler?

Kellie Pickler

I'm a blind item nut (I've mentioned this before), but am especially fond of the kindness ones rather than the she's cheating/he's gay/they're on drugs together sort of blinds that usually show up online. This one from CDAN today is a nice one about helping out military families so perfect for Veterans Day. 

This one doesn't mention the singer being a country singer, but a lot of the commenters think it's about Kellie Pickler. Considering how much love she's shown the military over the years, I'm inclined to agree. 

Here's to hoping … 

Some love for the military today in the blind item. This celebrity is B list. The fact that she has managed to stay B list shows how hard she is willing to work because she has not had monumental success. She started off as a reality star and is now a very solid B list singer with almost A list name recognition. Everywhere you look you are apt to see her as she tries to keep her name and face and other assets on display.

Anyway, our celebrity is someone who is always there for the military. She will show up at welcome home parties and sing. She will show up at a VA hospital unannounced and make sure she sees every patient in the place. If you need someone to perform on a base she will be there. If you need help raising money she will be there. There is one time that a military wife had the chance to see her husband for two days when he had a quick 72 hour pass and was going to be in Germany. The problem is that the couple had three kids and no one to watch them. The people the women would have normally used were also going to Germany to see their husbands. When our celebrity heard about the situation she flew to the base and watched the woman's children plus the children of three other families for the entire three days. Our celebrity dropped everything to help. I think she is pretty amazing for doing what she does and each thing seems kind of small but when you add it all up it is quite an impressive body of work.

[Photo: Maxim Salute to the Troops / blind item via Crazy Days and Nights]