Improve your resume with software training to land a better job

When the job market dips, many look for ways to improve their resume and make themselves more competitive.

One of the most important ways to make a great impression is to have a professional resume. Job seekers can tweek their resumes themselves and hope for the best or they can use a professional resume template to help stand out to perspective employers.

Another of the strategies being seen more often and used to good effect in the technology sector is the mention of training in peripheral software like media utilities. Having some training in software not necessarily immediately pertinent to the job description can go a long way. Here are some of the reasons something like Final Cut training can help you land an interview.

Having training in peripheral software shows that you are an individual that continues their education. This can be a liability applying to some low-level positions, but to the right audience, education and interests pursued to an actionable degree are quite attractive.

Having training in these programs can also make you more valuable as a worker. For instance, if a job consists primarily of office administration tasks, having training in some media programs makes you the go-to individual for media presentations. Many will identify this training as a major asset, as it can spare a manager the need to train an individual and expand their job duties after they have been hired.

While having additional software training isn’t a one-way ticket to employment, it’s something that can do a lot of good. As with any optional aspect of a resume, it’s important to know your audience and be mindful of what information you put forward. However, if you choose the right firm and have education in the right subjects, you might find it makes you their ideal candidate.