Fans weep as Keith Urban cuts his hair

           Barber chair  Barber chair

You usually think of celebrity hair obsession as being strictly relegated to the lady celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, or Justin Bieber.

Turns out it's not. 

On Monday, Keith Urban panicked many fans by posting the above picture of a barber chair and saying: "Snow ain't the only thing falling in Nashville today!! -KU"

Gasp! Fans went crazy wanting, no demanding Keith show his hair immediately and repent for whatever he had done to it. 

It was sad really. I could feel the pain and betrayal radiating through my computer monitor. 

On Tuesday, Keith finally showed off his new 'do. He had indeed snipped his signature locks. 

I think one Facebook commentor summed up what fans were feeling best when she said: 

I cannot believe I am about to comment on this but ever since I saw your tweet last night I have been obsessing about it and wanting to see a pic. And here it is. I'm a little shocked but not in a bad way  I actually think it's super cute. What I *really* want to know is how on earth does it feel to have the whole world commenting on your hair??!! Thanks for always making me smile Mr Urban 

So what do you think? Yay, nay, or what's the big deal? 

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