David Allan Coe and his son are apparently in some sort of fight

Tyler coe

Uh oh, looks like someone needs an Oprah intervention. 

Back in March of this year, David Allan Coe was in a pretty serious car wreck. Story was he ran a red light and was hit by a semi. 

So yeah, bad. 

Since March, though, I hadn't heard anything more about the accident until I got an email from Coe's son, Tyler, saying there was more to whole the story … not about the wreck itself but apparently what's been going on since then. 

David-allan-coe-thank-youAfter the accident, Coe released a hand-written letter thanking his fans and those who stuck by him after the accident . Reading the letter, there didn't seem to be anything overly accusing or bad about it, but apparently during a concert after the accident Coe went into detail during a concert about people abandoning him (quote and photo of letter via Saving Country Music):  

“I’ve got to tell you that everybody quit me, except my wife.” Coe went on. “She’s the only one that didn’t quit. My road manager of 35 years, he quit me. My band quit me. This is a brand new band, this is a brand new me.”

As with all stories, there appears to be three sides to the story – David's side, the side of the people he's accusing of abandoning him, and probably the truth somewhere smack dab in the middle somewhere.

Well now Coe's son, Tyler, decided to explain things from his perspective. He writes:

The members of the David Allan Coe band did NOT quit their positions or abandon anyone. Steve Wood and Jake Stringer did not "abandon" their employer in a difficult time. They weren't even contacted about continuing in their positions as touring band members. Let no person call into question their professional integrity.

I did NOT quit my job working for my father. The last contact I received from David Allan Coe was a text from him telling me that he was going to play some shows by himself, without a band, to get back into the swing of things and then we'd figure things out from there. That was in response to a text that I had sent him, telling him that I would do everything that I could to keep him touring with a good band. After he told me that he was going to do some solo shows, I contacted him with some information about a record label in Europe who is hoping to reissue some of his older material. I received no response about that and shortly thereafter found out that he was performing shows with an entirely new band. My feelings were deeply hurt when I learned that he was announcing onstage that his entire band had quit him and everyone had "abandoned" him when this was not the case. It became clear that my attempts to contact him were being deliberately ignored and I have no idea why. So that's what happened.

You can read Tyler's entire open blog post explaining things over on Baby Black Widows.

It's unfortunate when families have a falling out and even more so when they do it in the public eye. I just hope all those involved resolve their problems soon enough because life is just far too short.