Blake Shelton defends Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber

Blake Shelton
Who knew Blake Shelton was a Belieber? 

On Tuesday, Blake Shelton had an interesting conversation on Twitter that ended up having him, oddly enough, defending both Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus against the haters.

First off, a guy named L*A*W, a Grammy-nominated guy (not sure for what and I'm too lazy to look), began a conversation about Miley Cyrus' new album only being what it is (debuting at #1) because of her recent twerking and craziness.  

"Miley Cyrus album was only top billing because she twerked on Robin Thicke & swung naked on a Wrecking Ball #FACTS," he tweeted

Lots of people were agreeing with him, but then something interesting happened … Blake Shelton got involved. 

"Billing didn't make her album #1. People paying money for it did," Blake wrote. 

Other fans got involved and Blake countered their arguments with: "You can't sell records with publicity or hype. No matter what anyone says. People buy music because they're moved by the song or artist.."

And then: "Side note: I personally think "Wrecking Ball" is a great song.." 

Too funny. I myself like a lot of Miley's music, but I have to agree with both men to a point. Miley's definitely made loads of money because of all the craziness. It doesn't matter how awesome your album is, if people forget about you then chances are they're not going to buy your album. 

Publicity (even bad) alone doesn't sell albums, but it definitely doesn't hurt. 

After all the Miley talk, however, came the biggest surprise of all … Blake's a Belieber, at least enough to defend Justin.

@RachelRSL wrote: "Disagree: Bieber = nothing but publicity & hype.”

And Blake responded, "Oh!!! Because YOU don't like him…”

Blake never said if he actually liked him himself, but he did defend him so that's something. 

On a side note, Blake may defend Miley and Justin on Twitter but he still doesn't like them enough to follow either one of them on the social networking site. Interesting enough, Justin Bieber does follow Blake's account.