Sam Grow – 10 Random Questions


Sam Grow is blowing up the market in Maryland, Virginia and DC. An independent artist with a mainstream country sound, Sam continues to expand his fan base every day. Sam is not only a songwriter and performer, he is a well rounded musician. Sam can play the guitar, piano and drums. His voice is not only unique but powerful as well. His last two singles "Wild Tonight" and "Mud Ride" have done exceptionally well, especially within Sam's own market. It's just a matter of time before Sam Grow is a household name.

1.  At what age did you know you wanted to pursue music?

I knew I wanted to be a singer at age 5 when I started in church.


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New Garth Brooks music to hit stores November 19


Updated info available here.

How exciting! Garth Brooks is officially releasing new music just in time for Christmas. 

Well new old music anyway. 

During the Garth Brooks special that aired on GAC Saturday night, it was revealed that Garth will be releasing a limited-edition set of cover songs exclusively through Walmart. The special boxed set of four CDs will feature Garth singing 40 songs from the artists who have influenced him over the years including James Taylor, Gladys Knight, Jerry Lee Lewis, Otis Redding, and more. 


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Tim McGraw bans Faith Hill from George Clooney?

Tim mcgraw_1
Has Tim McGraw banned his lovely wife, Faith Hill, from the set of his latest movie because of George Clooney? 

Can you blame him if he has? 

Tim chatted with Country Countdown USA and talked all about his new flick "Tomorrowland," which also stars gray-haired fox George Clooney. Tim says he and George haven't actually filmed together yet, but it sounds like Tim's taking precautions for when he does get some Clooney time. 


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