Wynonna Judd takes on talk show host over dirty coochie comment

Talk show host Wendy Williams is finding out the hard way that you don't mess with Wynonna Judd's sister. 

Wendy Williams posted a video to her Twitter account yesterday where she was talking about celebrity events in the news. She eventually began talking about Wynonna Judd's sister, actress Ashley Judd. Ashley has been in the news lately because she reconnected with her estranged husband, race car driver Dario Franchitti, after he was involved in a nasty wreck at the Houston Grand Prix earlier this month. 

Williams for some reason began talking about the fact that Ashley and Franchitti have been married for 11 years but have no children and how people shouldn't get married if they don't plan on having children. 


But then she went a little too far and commented on Ashley's age (45) and how she was "kinda rotten down there." 

Umm, hello, eww. The faces in the audience pretty much said it all. 


Wynonna, who has been on Williams' show before, got wind of the uncalled for comment and went on the attack. 

@WendyWilliams As a sister, I am deeply offended by your words about my sister. I will never do your show again.

@WendyWilliams It's 1 thing to talk trash about me….You talk about my sister…….

@WendyWilliams You owe @ashleyjudd an apology.

@WendyWilliams said @AshleyJudd is "kinda rotten down there" just because she is 45 yrs old. I HAVE RESPONDED

People say this crap & get away with it. It hurts. We are human, not robots. If you talk trash about my family I am going to feel like

anyone else would. I can talk about my family, Lol, but if someone else does……

Wynonna's last angry tweet came at 8:07 last night without Wendy Williams ever responding to a single one. 

I've seen Wynonna get angry over silly things, but in this case I think she was pretty justified. You just don't mess with a sister like that.

The comment that got it all started begins begin at about the 9 minute mark in the video below.



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    Kick her ass Wynonna…she should be fired!

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