Trace Adkins does audio for children’s book series

Trace Adkins Otis book
Well now this is fun. 

Trace Adkins has become the voice of Loren Long's Otis the Tractor children's books, having recorded the audio for all four of the books, including the newest, "An Otis Christmas," which just came out yesterday.

Trace posted to Facebook today about the honor:  

I’m proud to record audio for Loren Long’s #Otis books. Otis is @Jump Start’s 2013 #ReadfortheRecord book.

Author Loren Long had recently posted about Trace on Facebook, saying: 

Wow, I just listened to Trace Adkins audio readings of all 4 Otis books (including the upcoming An Otis Christmas) a truly special , genuinely splendid job! Loved hearing that voice reading "putt puff puttedy chuff"! They are available at the iBookstore and also at B&

You can purchase the Trace Adkins narrated Otis books on iBooks and


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    Cathi Weiss Coriell

    Loren long has always been a favorite of mine. The “Little Engine that could” was our favorite book ever and to this day when my Kids (now all in their mid to late 20’s) need encouragement, we refer to being the little engine that could…Famous words to live by “I think I can..I think i can”! Well, worlds intertwine and I see my favorite country man, Trace Adkins has narrated Loren’s new book series starring Otis the tractor. First, how appropriate for Trace…a tractor and second, got the series at my local Barnes and Noble and they are amazing. The lessons in them still make me cry and Trace’s narration is just wonderful! A new treasure to share with my grand babies and my kids because you are never too old to BELIEVE!

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