The Pistol Annies have officially unofficially broken up

Pistol Annies
Have the Pistol Annies called it quits? 

Back in June, the ladies abruptly cancelled all upcoming concerts due to "unforeseen circumstances." No further explanation was given at the time and off the top of my head I can't think of any concerts they've performed together since. According to their official website, they also have no future dates scheduled either. 

So what's going on exactly with the bad-ass threesome? 

Well, according to someone who knows someone, the Annies are done. Rumor has it, the breakup happened because Randa couldn't get along with Angaleena's hubby (who happened to be Miranda's tour manager at the time) Jordan Powell.  

Here's part of the email detailing the falling out: 

This came from inside
their camp….Miranda had a major dispute with Jordan, her longtime tour
manager…also Angs hubby…..then started constantly doggin on him in front of
Ang….this caused a huge blowout, knock down and finally Miranda said….I have
my own thing going on, so does Ashley….I don't need this shit. They will never
get back together…it's done. 

Hopefully it's all just a rumor, but I will definitely keep you updated on any new info that comes along the pipeline. 

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    If this is true, there were multiple issues. Did you see their LIVE Ram Trucks concert? Angaleena did not perform well. They really did need more rehearsal time. Also don’t know why it ALWAYS has to be a Miranda problem. Don’t like “insiders w/ no names” trying to hurt Miranda’s character. Ashley hasn’t been talking w/ Angaleena but is she getting brought up No. Sad. Lets also remember that they have done only a hand full on concerts as just the Annies. They NEVER have concerts up until right beofre it is announced.


    I don’t buy this story. It doesn’t make sense. Ang’s hubby stopped being Miranda’s manager in like Jan/Feb 2013. Jordan has been w/ Will Hoge 10 months. The Annies were together promoting their CD in April and the Annies sang at show of her Locked and Reloaded shows so this seems fishy to me. I agree that the Ram Truck concert was not one of Angaleena’s better performances. Ashley and Miranda are used to singing a ton and performing in front of lots of people but this was new to her. Everyone will be at the CMAs so we will find out then.

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