Someone started a petition to get Chely Wright back to the Grand Ole Opry

Chely Wright
Chely Wright has pretty much shifted gears since publicly coming out as a lesbian in 2010. Now she's a wife and a mother of twin boys as well as an outspoken LGBT supporter and activist and seems happier than ever. But does she still want to sing? She's been very open about how she thinks country music has turned its back on her since her coming out (something I've got a pretty strong opinion on myself) and so one really has to wonder if she wants to sing for her supper any more. Well what if the Grand Ole Opry extended an invitation to her? Would she let bygones be bygones and return home to the Mother ship? 

I'm actually kind of curious about that.

Well there's a group of fans hoping that she will do just that and a petition has been started to get Chely an invite to the Opry. 

To Whom It May Concern;

         I am writing to let you know about a petition that has
started involving The Grand Ole Opry. Country singer Chely Wright used to sing
at the Opry every 10 weeks. That is until 2010 when she came out publicly has a

         Once the darling of the Opry performing on the famous stage for the
first time in 1989. In the late nineties she skyrocketed to the top of the
Billboard charts with her hit song "Single White Female" and in 2001 was named
one of People Magazines "50 Most Beautiful People". In 2004 She had another huge
hit with " Bumper of my SUV" a song about having pride in the US Military. In
the past three years she has had a new album, a book and a film that was part of
the Nashville film festival. Yet, still has not been asked back to sing at the

            We fans have started a petition asking The Grand Ole Opry to
invite her back.

Sounds like there are still lots of fans who want Chely to come back to country music, but the question still remains … does Chely even want to come back? Or is she over it? Would she accept if country music, and the Opry in particular, extended an olive branch and made a public point of asking her to return or has too much damage already been done in her mind? It's interesting to think about. 

If you would like to sign the petition, you can do so over at