Shania Twain says goodbye

Shania Twain and  pup
Shania Twain will resume her Las Vegas residency this week, performing 22 shows through December 14, with a short break in November. Before heading to Vegas, however, Shania had to say goodbye to someone special in her life, her adopted dog Jett.

Shania posted the picture above to Facebook: 

Saying "goodbye" to my sweet dog Jett, before heading off to Las Vegas yesterday. We adopted him from humane society last year. He knows I'm leaving when the luggage comes out. His sad face breaks my heart. #ShaniaInVegas

Jett kind of looks like he's plotting how to break Shania's legs so she'll have stay home just a little big longer. 

Shania is currently working hard on her first album in years, but she's having trouble finding a producer. She tells the Las Vegas Sun in a new interview:

I still haven’t picked my producer yet, so I’m sort of stuck on what to do. I’m just not there yet but getting there! At least I made a decision to actually get the songs written and get ready to record. It’s a tough decision for me. I’m not used to having to make that decision, to be honest, because I spent so many years not having to worry about the production.

Fans can read the rest of the interview here. To find out more info about Shania's show dates and how to purchase tickets, you can visit