Rodney Atkins and Rose Falcon marrying next month

Rose falcon rodney atkins
Last week, Broadway had an interview with Rodney Atkins where he was told not to go there with regards to Rodney's relationship with fiance Rose Falcon. 

Not sure why he wouldn't talk about Rose last week but will this week, but The Country Vibe got the chance to ask Rodney some questions and one of those questions was whether wedding bells would be ringing anytime soon. 

Turns out they're ringing sooner than you might think. 

Rodney admitted that he and Rose, who have been engaged since July, are getting married next month. I'd quote exactly what he said, but that's pretty much exactly what he said

And no, he wouldn't elaborate any further.

He did say that he feels Rose is a blessing from God, which is nice.

“What she’s brought into my life is unbelievable. It’s just complete peace of mind of what love’s supposed to be.”

Best of luck to the happy pair. 

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