‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 5 – RECAP


I found this episode an odd one. It was hyped as a big,
dramatic one, and kind of disappointed on that front, as well as cutting short
every good/emotional scene. Anyway.

Rayna is still struggling to get her voice back, even through
voice coaching sessions. Jeff is spreading rumors about her voice being gone
and is demanding the masters of the album, as he owns it. Rayna decides she
definitely wants out of Edge Hill and goes to Lamar to ask for a business
investment into going out on her own. Lamar accepts, and goes to Teddy to ask
if he can invest in his hometown again after the Metro contracts were cancelled
(clearly to cover his losses with Rayna), but Teddy refuses. Meanwhile Tandy
must promise not to tell Rayna about convicting Lamar to ensure her own
immunity. It kills her to find out that Rayna is resting everything on her
father’s shoulders, but she keeps mute, and Lamar later gets arrested in a bar
Teddy is also drinking in. A look from him makes Lamar think that Teddy is the
one who ratted him out, and Tandy is not about to correct him, as she feels
horrible about doing what she did. 

Rayna is being closed in by Jeff, who tricks her into ending
up on stage and Luke Wheeler telling her to sing a little something for the
benefit. Stuck into an awkward position, Rayna tries her best although
terrified. Luckily the audience is on her side, singing along when her voice
breaks. By the end of the song, her voice has miraculously pulled through (bit

Juliette is launching her new headlining ‘Inside The Dream
Tour’ and getting things prepared and set up. Layla is driving her a bit nuts
with her OTT perkiness, and Juliette decides to cut some time from her set by
inviting another artist on board. She goes to Jeff, saying she could do with a little
more testosterone on the tour, and says if Jeff will put more money into promoting
her album she’ll consider an artist from Edge Hill. Jeff obliges, and auditions
Will, who’s in trouble for losing Gunnar’s song. Juliette accepts. Meanwhile
some of Layla’s manipulative ways are coming to bear, as she clearly wants to
bed Will. She is jealous of his and Scarlett’s friendship, and sabotages the
media plan for Scarlett as they run the press line at a benefit concert. She
convinces Scarlett that people want to see the true her, which gets the latter
in trouble with Jeff, and sent home from the event. Layla also has been
tweeting a little too friendly about Will, and he is convinced by the label that
pretending to be dating her is a good marketing stunt.

Juliette gets invited to join the Opry by Rayna, on stage at
the benefit (cue cute genuine moment from Juliette), and is also congratulated
by Luke Wheeler, the new superstar artist on Edge Hill who seems equally as
two-faced, as he later bitches about Juliette to Rayna. Juliette overhears and
it prompts her to apologise to Avery, realizing he really was a true friend.
Avery refuses to go back out on tour, settling into his work at the Bluebird
and making music, but again being kind, Juliette gives him the keys to her
state-of-the-art studio.

Gunnar and Avery have been playing together, in particular a
new love song that Gunnar wrote. Avery says Zoey would sound great singing on
it too, and they invite her over to perform it. There is undeniable chemistry
between Gunnar and Zoey when they perform, and later, the two semi-drunk kids
end up sleeping together. Later, Zoey wakes up next to Gunnar, and full of
regret, she leaves. Scarlett returns home to Deacon’s after being sent away, disgraced,
from the press line at the benefit. She is furious at all the things she has to
do, and she and Deacon perform a song together. Deacon advises her that she’d
miss it if she gave it all up, as he is struggling with not being able to play
music. Her turns down an offer to come back out on tour with Juliette as he can’t
play, and to keep himself busy he invests in a guitar store, even helping
people find the right guitar for them. He finds out Rayna has lost her voice (before
the big performance obviously) and goes to see her, having an emotional
conversation where they ask each other never to give up on music, aww.

They do cram a lot of storylines into one episode! ‘Nashville’
episode 6 airs tonight at 10/9c on ABC.

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