‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 4 – RECAP


It’s Rayna’s mom’s birthday (and 30 years since her death),
so she and Tandy have taken the girls to visit her grave. Maddie’s still being
moody, but she’s been listening to a lot of Deacon’s music, particularly the
song ‘A Life That’s Good’. Rayna invites the girls to be her dates to the
Symphony Ball, an event her father runs each year, carrying on from her mother’s
work before her death. Rayna later speaks quietly to the grave alone, tearful
that she’s lost her voice and she feels so lost (I can’t help feeling there’s
some parallels to her feelings about Deacon here). At the symphony ball, Maddie
is unhappy and bitching every chance she gets. She is really happy to see her Teddy
at the ball, however this is shortlived, as Peggy turns up. Teddy has proposed
to Peggy with his mother’s ring, which Peggy is wearing around her neck, so as
not to arouse suspicion. Unfortunately Maddie gets it straight away and yells
at everyone, storming off and running away. 

A search breaks out, with the police on it, but nobody can
find her. Maddie has walked for miles until she gets to a gas station in the
middle of nowhere, and, panicking, calls Juliette, who picks her up and brings
her back to her place. Maddie expresses her frustration at her parents, but
Juliette calls Rayna regardless, cuing a cute bonding scene between the two
country queens. Rayna begins to talk to Maddie the following day about Deacon,
and some wounds are healing between them. Pre-occupied in the other room, Rayna
misses a call from Deacon to check that Maddie’s okay, but Maddie herself picks
it up, and they have a really cute conversation, and after she hangs up she
says “dad”. She and Daphne play Deacon’s song ‘A Life That’s Good’ together,
and a teary Rayna secretly watches, breaking when she automatically tries to
sing along and can’t. Meanwhile, Peggy still isn’t getting pregnant, and Teddy
has decided to go for some senator position or something (who cares?).

Juliette has an album to promote and wants to get back out
on tour. However, Rayna tells her she needs to be at home with her family, and
Juliette throws hissy fits, not wanting to open or co-headline for anyone, and
not wanting to downsize to theaters. She also refuses to do her old glitzy pop
material, against Glenn’s advice, preferring her newer, more serious image. In
the end, she decides to invite Layla (however much she hates her) out on tour
to open. Layla can perform her older stuff, while Juliette can perform her
newer stuff, and everyone wins. Deacon goes to thank that lawyer woman for
helping him get out of jail, and tries to pay her for her work. She refuses,
instead asking him to buy her dinner. When they go out, Deacon finds out she’s
basically a saint, having got to know the man who killed her husband so that
she could forgive him and get over the heartbreak. This is why she helped
Deacon, she likes to do the odd bit of good work where she can. She goes back
to his, and they begin to connect. They’re interrupted by Rayna searching for
Maddie, and Deacon and the lawyer discuss the fact that Maddie is his kid.
There’s no sexytime, so it seems as if this relationship will run deeper for a

Tandy finds out that it was her father who caused the
accident that killed her mother. It also appears that a housekeeper was killed
after she gave some evidence to police that would convict Lamar – that Virginia
had said she was leaving him the day of the accident. Tandy is full of horror
throughout the episode, innocently asking Lamar at the Ball what her mother’s
last words to him were. He fluffs the answer, and quickly leaves to speak to
someone else, leaving a pretty distraught Tandy. Tandy decides to pass on the
information to convict her father.

Scarlett is struggling with her career, not feeling
comfortable with the “sexy” photoshoots and the outfits etc. She speaks to
Zoey, who says she’ll help her fix the fact she’s not having fun. We also get
to hear a bit of Zoey performing in this episode, once alone in church and
later, getting drunk with Scarlett, up on stage at a bar. Zoey reveals to her
best friend that she’s actually a lot less innocent than Scarlett thinks, and
that things can’t go back to how they were when they were kids. She persuades
Scarlett to start making new, adult memories with her, and it looks like we’ll
start seeing a less goody-two-shoes Scarlett from now on. Scarlett also gets
asked for her autograph from a guy who keeps taking pictures from her, a sign
of new fame to come.

Will’s performance of ‘What If I Was Willing’ is going down
a storm, and Jeff wants him to record it. Gunnar is avoiding him and says he’ll
think about it. Avery is now working at the Bluebird too after Juliette fired
him, and he privately offers Gunnar some advice about things he could do with a
recording of the song. Gunnar ultimately decides to keep the song for himself
as an artist, and Will is kind of rightfully furious (as Gunnar is primarily a

Phew, that was a complex one! Sorry it was so long. ‘Nashville’,
episode 5 airs tonight on ABC at 10/9c. Come back next Wednesday for another

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    Will was not rightfully furious. He did not have permission to perform the song or promise to record it. Being a songwriter, gunnar can decide what to sell and what to keep. Ugh!

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