‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 3 – RECAP


Rayna is wanting to get back in the studio, so she calls
Liam to help her get it back on track. He initially rejects her because she
claims she wants it to be all about the music, but returns to make her
apologize for St Lucia and beg to have him come back to produce her. Rayna
reluctantly admits to him that she’s lost her singing voice, and is not sure it’ll
ever return. Liam promises to delay the album as much as he can while she works
with a voice therapist, and then they fall into each other’s arms and sleep
together (FINALLY!!). Rayna meets with Jeff, who wants to start afresh with
her, inviting her to perform at this stocks event, and she agrees. Rayna calls
Scarlett and lets her in on the secret of losing her voice, organizing to
introduce Highway 65 and Scarlett instead of herself. Jeff is furious, and
suspicious of what else might be going on with Rayna. Teddy and Rayna sign
divorce papers and everything is final. Feeling alone, he goes to Peggy, who is
still lying about being pregnant, and they get back together. 

Juliette is performing for an extremely influential couple
for their 5 year anniversary, as the wife is a huge fan. She’s getting paid $1
million for the privilege, and she and Avery spend the day hanging around the
huge mansion, Avery even getting to tune Hank Sr.’s guitar. It’s here you
really see the friendship and connection blossom, however Avery overhears Juliette
furiously denying that they’re together, that he’s “just on the payroll”, and
Avery is upset and yells at her. Juliette has allowed the husband paying her to
play guitar on stage, and he keeps coming to talk to her throughout the day.
Later, depressed and drunk, Juliette is lost in the house and the husband
guides her to her room, coming onto her. She initially rejects him, but in her
depressed and drunk state they end up sleeping together.

Gunnar has been writing songs, but he keeps messing with one
that Will claims sounds perfect already. When Will is given a make-over and
invited to play at the stocks event, he tells Gunnar he’s going to play that
song. When Will introduces it on stage, he points out Gunnar as the songwriter,
but Gunnar isn’t interested, instead being grumpy and running off with Zoey,
who is also bored at the party. Scarlett has had a make-over too, and of course
Gunnar is still madly in love with her.

Deacon is struggling with the idea of being a father, and
Coleman tries to instil some sense into him whilst telling him that he’s moving
away. We find out that Deacon’s father abused him as a child. Deacon goes to
Teddy to apologize and tell him that Maddie is his (Teddy’s) daughter, while
Teddy uses the opportunity to rip into him. Something clicks for Deacon and he
decides to get better for Maddie, going to the hospital and getting all the
help he can. He also stands up at AA and very tearfully and heartbreakingly
tells a story of one of the times his drunk father beat his family, likening
himself to him. Things are starting to make a lot more sense with Deacon’s
psyche now.

This was a slower episode that integrated the characters
better, so a shorter recap (phew!). ‘Nashville’ airs tonight on ABC at 10/9c.
Don’t miss it!

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