‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 2 – RECAP


Nashville just keep bringing the amazing episodes. Edge Hill
has been sold and Marshall was fired, in favor of a new label head called Jeff.
He’s a pencil pusher and isn’t too keen on Juliette, as the more mature sound
on her new album isn’t selling enough records. She’s being outsold by ‘The Best
of Rayna Jaymes’ seemingly exploitatively released while Rayna was in hospital.
Juliette is getting irritated by the constant attention on her rival, and
decides to do a CMT special to promote the album. Going back to her hometown
(which is, of course, a trailer park), she seems cool and collected until she
is confronted by old neighbors she grew up with, and old memories, particularly
of her dad, who we find out passed away when she was a kid (drugs?). Meanwhile
she and Avery are getting closer, and I really ship them as friends (with
benefits?). Juliette’s plan works and her single hits #1 on iTunes, rubbing it
in Jeff’s face when she goes to a party at his house. Unfortunately, she soon
finds out it has been knocked straight off #1 by Layla, runner-up on American
Hitmaker (like American Idol), who is younger, more impatient and bouncier than
Juliette. She also performs one of Juliette’s songs at the party, which
apparently was one of her most popular performances on the show. Juliette now
knows what it feels like to be Rayna! 

Speaking of which, Rayna is out of the hospital and a little
fragile, but she meets with Jeff to discuss Highway 65, as she’s keen on
keeping on top of things. He seems nice and a big fan of hers and wanting to
invest in the label, but that night goes to one of Will’s shows and tries to
convince him to sign with Edge Hill rather than Rayna’s label. Rayna finds out
the next day and is furious, going to yell at Jeff, and war has begun. Will is
conflicted on the decision he’s going to make, not wanting to abandon Rayna but
tempted by the majors. He also finds out the ex-lover he ran into last episode
is now working as the marketing guy with Jeff and he’ll be working closely with
Will. He tells Will he’s not going to try anything or blow his cover and
ultimately Will makes the decision to sign with Jeff. Sassy Rayna at Jeff’s party
decides to find somebody better, and also decides it’s time to move on from
Edge Hill. I have a funny feeling Juliette, unhappy with Jeff, might become the
second artist on Rayna’s label going out on their own, and that would create a
crazy dynamic, but that’s just a conspiracy theory!

Meanwhile Teddy has half-moved back in with Rayna, and is
helping out with the housework and the girls while she gets better. She’s
grateful until it gets to the point where she feels it’s undermining the
divorce they’re going through, and she asks him to leave as she wants to go
through with it. Maddie is furious at her mother for all the questions she’s
brought up with Deacon being her father, being an alcoholic, etc. The girls,
eavesdropping, find out that their parents are really going to divorce and they
cutely stand together in solidarity, being there for each other.

Deacon is struggling with just about everything, and
Scarlett, who’s staying with him, seems to be getting the fallout. Deacon
refuses to go to the doctors but Scarlett takes him unwittingly anyway, where
he finds out that he may never get his guitar skills back to where they used to
be, even with lots of physio etc. He panics and demands a cast, meaning it
might do even more damage and he certainly won’t play again. He also organizes
to have all his guitars burned. Scarlett grows some balls and yells at him,
Deacon dropping the bomb about Maddie being his daughter, but Scarlett isn’t
done. She tells him to man up. Meanwhile, Deacon and Rayna meet at the scene of
the crash to discuss things, but Rayna says she doesn’t think it can work, each
time they try they only hurt each other. She gives back the engagement ring
Deacon gave her all those years ago and leaves, followed by Deacon tossing the
ring into the tributes by the side of the road. Spurred on by these
occurrences, he saws off the cast on his hand and desperately tries to play
guitar again, really forcing it. I have a feeling he may do more damage that
way but who knows, everything is magic in TV world.

Gunnar is struggling to write songs for the publishing
contract he’s still in, finding problems with the lyrics. He drops off some
stuff for Scarlett, who refuses to help him write. Zoey turns up at Gunnar’s
place, telling him she knows absolutely everything about him and about his and
Scarlett’s relationship, and inspires him to write about the heartbreak that he’s
feeling. He does, performing the song later, saying it’s about the biggest
heartbreak of his life. Zoey quickly realizes that it’s not about Scarlett, but
his brother Jason, and he seems a bit more healed.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVED this episode, Rayna 2.0
and Juliette are bringing the sass and the amazing lines, and really bringing
this show to life. I’m also starting to like Avery, Will and Scarlett’s
storylines more as they are more related to the bigger characters. And nobody
cares about Gunnar.

‘Nashville’ episode 3 airs tonight at 10/9c on ABC. I hear
there’s some Rayna/Liam action. See you there 😉

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