‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 1 – RECAP


The recaps are back!

Well, if Deyna fans weren’t traumatized for life already,
they certainly are now. Rayna is in a coma and has been for 2 weeks (after
Deacon pulled her out of the wreck), and things aren’t looking good. Deacon is
in jail for claiming he crashed the car, trying to take the blame and having a
lawyer given to his case, which Teddy is trying to use to sentence Deacon. We
can see his mental state as he yells at Scarlett when she comes to see him in
jail. Flashbacks are present a lot during the episode, showing Deacon getting
out of rehab the first time and buying Rayna her dream house. It shows them
being cute together, and this is followed by another where Deacon proposes to
Rayna after learning that she’s been dating Teddy, and they have steamy
romantic sex. However, another flashback shows us the next morning, where Rayna
finds Deacon amid a pile of alcohol, and realizes he was drunk when he proposed,
and doesn’t remember asking her. Heartbroken, she tears the ring off. The final
flashback shows Deacon just before his final time in rehab, trashing their house
while Rayna runs up to try and stop him, but Tandy stands in her way. We find out
that here Rayna is pregnant, and it shows some of her thought processes leading
up to the ultimate decision she makes. 

Juliette is still a bit fragile (though happily sleeping
with her new assistant), angry that Rayna is a “saint in a coma” when her album
is about to drop (how many albums does this girl release?!). She’s generally
acting like a bitch about everything to everyone. She performs at the Parthenon
and exploits the opportunity to get the sympathy vote by going on about how sad
it is that Rayna’s in the hospital. For publicity purposes, Juliette goes to
the hospital after the show, where she meets Maddie, who is naturally
distraught, also mulling over the fact that lovely Uncle Deacon is now her
father and nearly killed her mother (cue cute moment looking at old photos of
the two on her iPad). Juliette comforts Maddie and goes with her to the
bedside, and it’s here we begin to see a flicker of the love Juliette once had (still
has?) for the Queen of Country.

Later, they slowly bring Rayna
out of the coma, which brings us to the beautiful moment where they ask her if
she recognizes her children. She very gently nods, and as they come to her
bedside, we see a single tear fall down her cheek (quietly tearing my heart
out). Sitting in a wheelchair looking out over the city later on, Rayna is
joined by her father, who tells her Deacon was never good for her, to which she
replies that she’s just going to move on with her life (in a rather sinister
way!). Alongside this we see an advisor to Tandy informing her that her father
had something to do with her mother Virginia’s death, and this adds another
layer of creepy to Lamar. Meanwhile Deacon is let out of jail because Rayna
tells them that she was driving, and the news that she’s out of the coma puts
the more adorable relief on Deacon’s face.

Peggy is of course still pregnant, but Teddy wants nothing
to do with it. Peggy is determined to keep it, and wants Teddy around, but when
she goes for a scan she finds out she has already miscarried. Calling Teddy to
meet her in tears, she instead claims she heard the baby’s heartbeat for the
first time, calling another mildly amusing storyline into play.

Scarlett rejected Gunnar’s proposal and moved out of her
house with him, sleeping on her best friend Zoey’s couch, who has moved to
Nashville to pursue her dreams. It’s Scarlett’s last night at the Bluebird, and
she’s teaching Zoey the ropes of waitressing before she commits to her music
career full time. Meanwhile Gunnar is struggling with the break-up, and Will
suggests a party to get his mind off things. During the party an old male lover
of Will’s tries to come onto him, cueing an angry exchange in a cupboard and
the interruption of the girl Will’s been chasing; Will claims this random guy
was coming onto him unnecessarily, showing he’s determined to push the gay out
of himself. Gunnar whines to the girl he’s with that the couch holds too many
memories of Scarlett so the drunken partygoers burn it. Gunnar flips at Will
and storms off to the Bluebird to see Scarlett. She’s getting a bit close to
Avery but it’s still Gunnar she invites up on stage to sing with her, because
he helped her get where she is today.

Phew, a lot to cover, and I didn’t even mention all of it!
Nashville returns tonight (Wednesday, October 2) for episode 2 at 10/9c on ABC.
See you there for more drama!

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