LeAnn Rimes’ invasion of privacy lawsuit dismissed

LeAnn Rimes
It only took a year (and the probable financial ruin of one family), but LeAnn Rimes' invasion of privacy lawsuit against California special education teacher Kimberly Smiley and her daughter Alexa is finally over. 

On Monday, the attorney for LeAnn requested that a judge throw out the case and the judge agreed. The case cannot be re-filed. 

According to RadarOnline, a settlement was reached, prompting LeAnn's request.  

Smiley had reportedly requested the suit be thrown out back in September after LeAnn was too busy to show up for her deposition. 

You know, because she's a busy star. 

The lawsuit first came about in August of last year after Smiley recorded a phone conversation she had with LeAnn. LeAnn accused Smiley of being one of her online bullies and demanded an apology and a cash settlement. The lawsuit was filed the same day that LeAnn entered treatment for stress, etc. 

I'm glad to see that this seemingly frivolous lawsuit is finally over. I just hope Kimberly and her family can get back to their normal lives sometime soon and that LeAnn and her high-priced attorneys didn't do too much damage.  

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