Kelly Clarkson’s mom is okay with not being invited to her daughter’s wedding

Kelly Clarkson wedding
Kelly Clarkson got married over the weekend in a very intimate wedding in Tennessee. 

How small and intimate was it you ask? Well none of Kelly's family was there, including her own mom. 

Now when news that a celebrity has excluded immediate family members from their big day hits the media, it's usually accompanied by stories of family fighting and anger and sometimes name calling. Kelly Clarkson's mom, however, is just happy for her daughter and says she understands Kelly's reasoning behind not inviting anyone.

Jeanne Taylor spoke to Celebuzz about not getting an invitation to her daughter's wedding and how she really does understand.  

“We’re happy for her and she’s so happy. She was so afraid we might be upset. But we were fine with it…I had known that she was under a lot of stress. And we just wanted her to be happy and not stressed out…I think the biggest thing for us to do was to allow her to do what she wanted to do.”

I can't imagine many moms being that understanding in the same situation. How nice for Kelly to have that sort of support behind her. 

According to reports, the only people present at the ceremony besides the bride and groom were Brandon Blackstock's two daughters from a previous marriage. 

[Photo courtesy Kelly Clarkson Twitter]