Keith Urban admits to a love of occasional sexting

Like teens and horny politicians everywhere, Keith Urban has discovered the funner side of a cell phone. 

During a recent interview with Ellen, Keith revealed that when he and Nicole aren't able to spend time at home together, they occasionally enjoy a little extracurricular phone time. 

When Ellen asked if he and Nicole text, Keith answered, "Never text, we never email. Phone calls only. Which I really love."

When pushed further, Keith blushed, looked a bit shy, and revealed, "Maybe one text. Maybe one cool kind of you know…One of those kind of texts."

Ellen, always the kidder, pretended she didn't know what he meant. 

"Nice, sex texting … I’m a little red right now," Urban shyly answered.

Now let's just hope Keith and Nicole are keeping those sexy texts under lock and key. 

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