Here’s a little bit more info on Eric Church’s mysterious teaser video

Eric church
On Tuesday, Eric Church released a mysterious video without an explanation. Now we've got a little more info about what it all means. 

From my radio buddy Broadway

"The Outsiders" is the title of the debut single & forthcoming album from Eric Church, the single hits iTunes next Tuesday.

The video (teaser above) was shot in the old prison South of Nashville, where they shot the "Lighting" video back in 2006. Church's manager, John Peets & Church came up with "The Outsiders" theme which you will see in the music, tour next year and over all image/evolution of the Eric Church Brand.

Church will perform the new song next month at the CMA Awards. 

There are others around the webiverse reporting the same info so it sounds like you can probably take it to the bank.

The CMA Awards will air November 6 on ABC. 

Here's the video in case you missed it the first go around. 

[Photo courtesy AP]