Garth Brooks sent out a cryptic message to fans


The sevens have aligned. It has begun…
Thank you for believing…love, g

And with that, Garth has spoken. Brooks sent out the cryptic message above to folks who are signed up for news from his website.

What does it mean? Well it sounds like CMTT may just be right. Back earlier this month, the ladies at Country Music Tattle Tale had written that they had some super secret intel that said that fans can expect new music and tour from Garth in 2014. In addition, the megastar would be filming a T.V. special that would be directed by Martin Scorsese.

At the time, there was no word from Garth's camp either confirming or denying the news, but now comes this new cryptic message that at least shows us something's happening in Garth's world … and personally I can't wait!


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    Just got it! Really hope this means a tour.


    I’ll pass.


    I just read this message!!! I hope that it means new music and a tour :0) saw Garth the last time he toured and it was AMAZING!!!! Looking forward to what the future may bring…Thanks Garth!

    Deb uetz

    I would love NOTHING MORE than to see him in concert.

  5. KayleahNicole

    The Seven’s aligning makes me think Slot machine – casino.
    Maybe he is doing something in Vegas?

    M brown

    Seven is his favorite number if you know anything about garth you would know that


    Saw Garth in Vegas and he did mention he would be touring again but didn’t say when! Can’t wait to see him, best ever!!

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